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Pre-surgery Health Questions
Has your pet had any issues with vomiting or diarrhea? Or coughing or sneezing lately? Is your pet currently on any medications? Do you have any health concerns of your pet that we should be aware of?
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Canine Neuter $198 (Cryptorchid $285)
Canine Spay $285 (add $35 if pregnant, obese, in heat, mature)
Other procedure
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Pre-Anesthetic Blood Testing:
We strive to practice quality medicine. We STRONGLY recommend that pets have their blood screened before anaesthesia, just like people do. Blood work can warn us about underlying conditions that could lead to possible complications. We look for kidney and liver problems, as well as anaemia or low platelets which affect blood clotting and signs of infection.
Please select an option: (required)
Comprehensive Panel and CBC ($109.98)
Heartworm 4DX (Looks for heartworm, Lyme and Ehrlichiosis $54.99)
No, I refuse any blood testing on my pet
IV Catheterization
When accepted, an IV catheter will be placed prior to your pet being placed under anaesthesia. This helps support blood pressure, kidneys and liver, and keeps your pet hydrated. In the unlikely event of a crisis during anaesthesia, this will also allow for medication to be administered rapidly. Cost is $65 above the surgery price. (*Note: selected surgeries performed have mandatory IV catheterization and is at the discretion of the Veterinarian.)
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Yes, I have ACCEPTED the IV catheterization
No, I DECLINE the IV catheterization

Laser Therapy **New (Dauphin Only)
Laser Therapy decreases pain and inflammation, so can be applied to surgical incisions at the time of surgery. Laser therapy compliments the other modes of pain management. Please ask us if you have questions. (Cost is $20)
Laser Therapy for the incision (Only available in Dauphin) (required)


Pain Management
We strongly believe in alleviating pain in our patients. We routinely give pain control medications at the time of surgery (included in surgery price). In some cases, pets require pain medications after surgery, to be given over a few days to make the pet more comfortable (not included in surgery price).
Please check if you wish your pet to go home with extra pain medication. (required)

Yes, I ACCEPT extra pain medication
No, I DECLINE extra pain medication

Microchip and Tattooing
A microchip or tattoo can help return a lost pet to the owner. Free Tattoo: This helps identify the animal if they are brought into any pound, veterinary clinic or Humane Society within Manitoba. This tattoo number is unique to your pet and helps us reunite lost/found animals with their owners. Microchip: Tattoos can fade over time, so a microchip is a permanent form of identification. If you are travelling with your dog across Canada, to the USA or internationally, microchips are highly recommended. A microchip has an additional cost of $36.
Free Tattoo (for ID purposes) (required)


Microchip ($36) (required)


Is your pet up to date on vaccinations? If accepted, we will vaccinate your pet after surgery. **City of Dauphin By-Law states that all pets must be vaccinated for Rabies yearly. You may decline vaccinations at this point but please be advised that to have your pet licensed, they will need to be vaccinated.
Please select: (required)
Distemper Combo ($70 -booster required in 1 month)
Rabies only ($70)
Distemper Combo and Rabies ($75 - booster required in 1 month)
No, I DECLINE vaccinations
Cost is dependent on the weight of the pet. **If parasites are found on your pet while visiting our facility, we will treat the pet with the necessary treatment at the owner's expense for the protection of your pet and that of others in the hospital.
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Yes, I ACCEPT deworming
No, I DECLINE deworming

E-collar (AKA: the cone of shame) (required)

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Any other procedures or comments?

Pictures may be taken of your pet that could be used for the clinic website or Facebook or presentations. Do you give your consent to the use of pictures?
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Doctors and staff are not present at the clinic 24 hours a day. Payment is expected at the time of service. We accept cash, cheque, Debit and Credit Card. By clicking Submit below, you are acknowledging this information and verifying that the above information is correct to the best of your knowledge.

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