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Importance of a phone number
Pets receive less preventative dental care than people, therefore dental procedures on pets are more involved than simply cleaning a few teeth. We strive to provide the best dental care possible for your pet. We do not know what will be involved in your pet's dental work until they are under anesthesia. If we find there is more work to be done than either of us realized, we would like to call you and make decisions with you together. We NEED a phone number where we can reach you during your pet's dental procedure.
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IV fluids are mandatory for all patients undergoing dental care.
We strive to provide the best and safest care for your pet. We try to use the safest anaesthetic drugs available, have monitoring equipment on your pet, to make things as safe as possible
Pre-Anesthetic Blood Testing
We strive to practice quality medicine. We STRONGLY recommend that pets have their blood screened before anaesthesia, just like people do. Blood work can warn us about underlying conditions that could lead to possible complications. We look for kidney and liver problems, as well as anaemia or low platelets which affect blood clotting and signs of infection.
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Comprehensive Panel $109.97 (checks liver and kidney function and more)
No, I refuse any blood testing on my pet
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Bonded Sealant
We are now equipped to apply a bonded sealant to teeth where the dentin has been exposed or the enamel has worn away, but the pulp is still covered. There is an additional price of $40/tooth bonded
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Laser Therapy for extraction sites (Helps to decrease pain and inflammation $20) (required)


Be aware
In some cases, if there is a lot of infection in the mouth or oral surgery is performed, your pet will be sent home with antibiotics. If there has been any oral surgery involved, your pet will have received "freezing" to minimize the pain, but they will also be sent home with pain medication for several days following surgery.
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