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Canine Surgical AI

Canine Surgical AI

This is a new procedure for us at the Dauphin Vet Clinic. We used frozen semen to surgically breed a dog.

Liquid Nitrogen Tank

The semen is shipped in a liquid nitrogen tank.

Warm bath

The semen is thawed quickly in a warm water bath.

Caution required.

Caution is taken when dealing with liquid nitrogen.

Semen to infuse.

The semen volume is small.


We are injecting half the volume of semen into each uterine horn and massaging upward.

No bleeding.

We pinch off the areas injected to prevent bleeding.

Microscopic exam.

The sperm are examined under the microscope to make sure they are motile and healthy looking.

Sew her up.

We close up the incision and wait several weeks to ultrasound for pregnancy!

Ultrasound for pregnancy.

We have puppies!!

Puppies Born July 26 2012