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Cattle & Livestock Services

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Herd Health

We recommend a veterinarian examines your herd, facilities and overall production at least once a year to establish a valid vet - client - patient relationship (VCPR).  This is also a great time to review vaccination protocols, parasite control and address any herd management questions or concerns.

Cattle at Sunrise


Our facilities have been upgraded in both clinics to ensure the safety of you and your animals. On site equipment inlude hydraulic chute system, tip table, isolation ward, calving suite, portable ultrasound, x-ray, and a full service large animal pharmacy.

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In Clinic or On Farm

Examinations and most routine services are available in clinic and on farm for your convenience. We also offer on farm companion animal wellness exams and vaccines for your canine and feline farm employees. Please contact us to find out more. 

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Preventative Care

From custom-designed vaccination protocols, feed & nutrition councelling as well as body condition scoring, our team offers a holistic approach to herd health management. Routine preventative care services include hoof care, in house laboratory testing, postmortem & insurance claims as well as BSE & Biosecurity consultations. 



From bull evaluations to calving, we offer a wide range of reproductive services throughout the year. With a 24 hour on call veterinarian, someone is always available for calving assistance, emergency caesareans and prolapses. We also offer castration & vasectomy and AI Semen Collection services.

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In addition to being a CCIA Accredited Tag Dealer, we also offer export documentation and age verification for both USA & EU export.

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