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Pets & Companion Animal Services

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Hunting Dog

Wellness Exam

We begin every visit with a physical wellness exam. A veterinarian will take vital signs, check your pet's body condition as well as examine their teeth, ears, and eyes as well as listen to the heart and lungs.

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Our facilities have been designed to ensure the safety and comfort of you and your companion animals. Our clinics are equipped with an on-site pharmacy and in house laboratory. The Dauphin Vet Clinic also houses a dental surgery suite, x-ray, ultrasound, theraputic laser, Electrocardiography (ECG) and a cat-only exam room & hospitalization ward. 

Happy Bunnies

In Clinic or At Home

House calls are available for euthanasia and routine wellness examinations. Please contact us to find out more. 

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Preventative Health Care

We offer a wide range of routine outpatient services such as vaccinations, disease prevention, parasite control, nutrition consultations, senior wellness, weight managment, eye, ear, and nail care as well as permanent identification (microchip and tattoo).

Image by Michael Kilcoyne

Elective & Emergency Surgery

Both clinic locations boast fully equipped surgical suites and offer dedicated spay & neuter days each week. Other surgical services include anesthesia monitoring, over night hospitalization, orthopedics trauma, exploratory, mass removal, abscesses, aural hematoma, hernia repair, and more. 

Brushing Dog's Teeth


The Dauphin Veterinary Clinic houses a dental surgical suite for routine teeth cleaning and oral surgery. A routine dental includes anesthesia, half day hospitalisation, hand and ultrasonic scaling,  panoramic digital x-ray and at home dental care client education. Click to learn more about your pet's dental health.

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The Dauphin Veterinary Clinic offers reproduction consultations, progesterone testing, surgical AI, cesarean, puppy processing and OFA testing. 

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Behavioral Consultations

Whether you have a new pet or are in need of corrective training techniques, our team is a valuable resource in your animal's behavior.

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End of Live Planning

From supportive palliative care, pain management options, humane euthanasia, to cremation services, we're here for you every step of the way through your pet's final days.

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