Meet the Team

Our staff members come from all walks of life and are united through a shared passion for animals. Keep scrolling to find out more about the incredible individuals who make up the wonderful Dauphin - Ste Rose Vet Clinic team.

Veterinary Practice Owners 

Owner & Veterinarian

Dr. Roxane Plett, DVM

Dr. Roxane Plett, a past president of the MVMA, was awarded the Certificate of Merit in 2018.

She has been known to sneak in a paddle before sunrise, neutering 20 cats before lunch, volunteering with various community groups in the evening, and reading a book cover to cover at night. She is the blur you see darting around the clinic.  

Owner & Veterinarian

Dr. Kevin Steinbachs, DVM

Dr. Kevin Steinbachs is a CFIA accredited veterinarian, earned his Growth Enhancement Free - EU certification, and own - use AI semen collection certified.

When he's not at work, you'll find Kevin in the bush building trails or planning unique ways to torture participants in the Moose Knuckles Adventure Race, Manitoba Mud Run and Epic East Gate technical race.

Dr. Ron Mentz, DVM

Associate Veterinarian

With over 40 years of veterinary medicine under his belt, Dr. Ron has been the president of the MVMA and the Rural Practitioners Group. He has a post grad in Communication, Agricultural economics and colostral immunity & bacteriology.

This jack of all trades is also a certified scuba diver, dedicated hunter, fisherman and carpenter. The only thing Ron does not do is chase cattle.

Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Wendy Weselowski, DVM

As our only Fear Free Certified Professional (Level 2), Dr. Wendy has certainly earned the title of "Cat Guru". When she's not taming the untamable & solving medical puzzles, you can find her hanging out with her kids.

We know she's an expert talker, but did you know Dr. Wendy was a competitive singer too?

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Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Stephanie Cook, DVM

Dr. Cook has been winning the affections of our most timid patients since joining us in 2019. She is CFIA accredited and takes a special interest in preventative medicine for pets and small animals. When she's not at work and helping with harvest,  this mamma-to-be enjoys gardening and travelling. 

Last year, Dr. Cook jumped off a perfectly good bridge and swung 233 feet over the Zambezi River... for fun!

Registered Veterinary Technologist

Barbara MacDonald, RVT

Barb was named Veterinary Technologist of the Year 2020 by the Manitoba Veterinary Medical Association (MVMA). She has single handedly saved dozens of cats through her Barb’s Babies Kitten Rescue where she nurses and rehomes abandoned and orphaned kittens. She also created the Barn Buddies Program and volunteers with the Parkland Humane Society. This mamma to be (x 2) has made it her mission to save all the cats!

Registered Veterinary Technologist

Celina Dunfield, RVT

The Manitoba Veterinary Technologists Association (MVTA) awarded Celina with the Animal Health Technologist of the Year award in 2014. As the owner and operator of Stoney Plains Kennel and Cremation, a past president of the Parkland Humane Society, and an active member of the Canadian Kennel Club, Celina is our primary resource for canine behaviour, training and reproduction.

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Registered Veterinary Technologist

Emily Meadows, RVT

Emily joined the Tech Team in 2014 and has since become our pain management and laser therapy connoisseur. Emily works out of both the Dauphin and Ste Rose clinic locations and can be found snuggling kittens one minute and pulling calves the next.   

This farm kid grew up driving grain trucks on her family’s bison ranch. She has raised every type of critter from sheep and pigs to horses and goats and even 3 humans.  

Veterinary Assistant &

Ste Rose Office Manager

Michelle Miles

Michelle has been running the show at the Ste Rose clinic for the past 10+ years. She completed the Animal Science Program and Veterinary Assistant diploma program in 2010. Next, Michelle tackled Equine Nutrition at University of Guelph in 2019 and is currently earning an Equine Diploma. As our resident horse aficionado, when she is not at work you can find this Aussie riding horses with her kids.

Veterinary Assistant

Laney Bluhm

Along with assisting in clinic, Laney can usually be found on farm helping Ron chase cattle. When she is not braving the cold, you will find her mending coveralls, lab coats and uniform pieces and has been known to MacGyver furniture and equipment out of miscellaneous items found around the clinic.


Laney works on farm with her hubby and son and spends her free time spoiling her 8 beautiful grandchildren.

Customer Service Representative

& Veterinary Reception

Alysa Burton

Alysa is the cheerful voice you here when calling the Dauphin Clinic. When she is not greeting clients, Alysa can be found studying veterinary medicine in the hopes of one day becoming a veterinary assistant.

This farm girl was born and raised running cattle, riding horses and snuggling puppies. When she is not telling stories, Alysa can be found hanging out with her fur kids.

Practice Manager

Karen Smythe

Karen began her career with us behind the reception desk. Now she can be found rummaging through inventory, bent over paperwork or behind a computer screen creating insightful, yet witty, Facebook posts.


Karen completed the Veterinary Practice Management Certificate in 2020 and has an affinity for all things fluffy, especially bunnies.

Guest Services Liason

Mr. Squeakers II

Squeakers is an integral member of the veterinary team. Each morning, he secures the premises, checks on the guests and issues aggressive head rubs to the staff. He takes his role very seriously and will trill his opinion if anyone steps out of line.

Squeakers likes independent play with his red mousie and is an excellent supervisor of baby kittens. When he is not overseeing clinic operations, Squeakers enjoys naps on top of the Bravecto or on the radiator. 

Associate Veterinarians

Registered Veterinary Technologists


Veterinary Assistants 

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